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Anthroposophic Forum in Japan


For messages, ideas and information for the Anthroposophic Movement in Japan to meet our destiny and overcome the unprecedented catastrophe.

With gratitude we are receiving many warm encouraging thoughts, useful suggestions and information from different places of the world. Most of these words are either English or German and need to be translated in to Japanese and forwarded through different channels to our friends in Japan. As these messages are often directed to several people at a time, there is a possibility that a double or triple translation work is done and distributed in different versions in different groups.

So out of discussions with friends from different fields, among them Yuji Agematsu (Anthroposphical Society), Kazuhiro Suzuki (Anthroposophical Society), Akiko Yoshizawa (Art therapist), Masashi Satoh (Forum3 TOKYO) , Kokuriki Kobayashi (Japanese Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine), Kimiko Ishikawa (Curative Eurythmist), Yoshiko Kano (POURQUOI PAS, bio-dynamic farm) and Kai Iruma (Japanese Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education),  the idea arose to create a common internet platform, where each one of us can simply upload not only their own thoughts and information in Japanese, but also messages and information that he/she has received in the original language, and any one who is able to translate it under respective conditions is asked to do so. In this way, it is hoped that such messages can be swiftly shared by many,  and double translation can also be avoided.

So all the friends in anthroposophic circles in Japan are asked to upload what they feel is worth sharing on this platform (blog). Also, it would be very nice, if friends from overseas would make direct use of this platform to express and convey their thoughts and information.

This is just one attempt to bring people's good thoughts together. We would like to see how this develops, and ask you for further support and understanding.


Masaya Koriyama 2011/03/19 00:35
Thanks a lot for creating this useful platform! Hope many people use this blog.
Rose 2011/03/20 01:24
It is very nice idea to open a site like this.
Now we can learn, how and what people from other culture who is interested in Anthroposophy in Japan, think and feel with their own words, and possibly exchange ideas about how it's rected and adapted by our/their culture or how it's imprimented in what way.
Juhasz Jozsef 2011/03/22 02:55
To our collective memory see the URL above.
Kind regards,
Alexandra 2015/02/01 17:54

I am a Designer and Artist from Wellington, New Zealand.

I am travelling to Japan on the 28th of Feb for three months and am exploring networks and connections with people interested in art therapy.

I would love to meet up- I see that this is a very old forum- but anyone is there & interested please feel free to contact me :)

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