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Sharing Thoughts on the Foundation Stone for Japan(English)

The following is an open but very personal letter from Kai Iruma in German, English and Japanese.

Dear friends,

This morning I suddenly had the following thought: Only with the meditation of the Foundation Stone as the Stone of Love could we overcome the series of catastrophes that the Japanese nation is experiencing. The earthquakes that are shaking us both physically and mentally seem to show that we no longer have a physically stable ground. Tsunami is nothing but a real "trial of water" (Wasserprobe), through which the whole social infrastructure including nuclear power plants has been undermined and put in question. Needles to say, concrete measures must be taken in the first place to relieve the pains and sufferings of the victims throughout the affected regions.

However, I feel that it would have quite a meaning if the Japanese anthroposophists try in their hearts to strengthen the foundation stone which they have accepted at certain points in their lives, now with the clear consciousness of being in contact with all the living and deceased souls in the Anthroposophical Society.

Tomorrow evening, on March 21, Eugen Kolisko's birthday, we have a small meeting of the Japanese Association for Steiener/Waldorf Early Childhood Education in Tokyo. This originally was designed to be a platform for teachers, medical doctors and co-medicals to exchange ideas over our present situation (mostly concerning the question of vaccinations). We had asked Dr. Madeleen Winkler from Holland and Franziska Spalinger from Switzerland to be with us in this discussion.

As we had to cancel this meeting, however, we decided to use the the hall for a gathering, to which not only kindergarten teachers but all those who feel connected with Anthroposophy, and who live in the vicinity of Tokyo, could simply come by and share some time to reflect over our destiny as a nation.

Now, I am thinking that I will suggest at this meeting that we try to let live in us the foundation stone meditation with the clear consciousness that we would really like to create a common spiritual basis for the future anthroposophical activities in Japan.

I hope that you will understand me correctly. My intention is quite serious. I would like, as it were, make a promise vis a vis the spiritual worlds that I / we will really work in the spirit of Anthroposophy in this land into the future, and for this purpose it is our real sincere hope that the worst will be avoided. On the other hand, naturally, I am fully aware that the worst could still easily happen at any minute. And even if such things should happen, I would not cease to work here in the spirit of Anthroposophy. But I would so much like to see how this intention of ours will be accepted by the spiritual worlds.

I would be very grateful to you, if you would innerly support this intention and think about us together. I do not want to politically act and cause you unnecessary troubles. You do not necessarily have to officially "recognize" my intention, but if you could just personally and inwardly think of us, that alone would make a big difference.

Tomorrow (March 21), from 18:30 to about 20:30 (in Germany and Switzerland 10:30 - 12:30, I don't know what time that would be elsewhere), we will be having this meeting and sharing the foundation stone meditation.

I'm sorry that this comes to you as such a short notice, and we do not know who will be able to come. The whole situation is still so unstable that it is only understandable, if someone would rather want to stay at home. That is also why we wanted to make use of this opportunity to come together.

It would be very nice and encourage us greatly, if you would send us some message for this meeting. However, as I would like to post such messages in the new internet forum we have just organized (http://noharajp.net/openforum/), please take into consideration that your messages might be made public, if you kindly write something for this meeting (of course, however, I would not make your message public, if you make clear that you address yourself only to me or to a certain group).

And even if you have missed this notice and could not think of us at the above time of the day, I / we will continue to work on the foundation stone meditation with the same intention until I / we receive a certain sense that the Japanese have come out of this crisis. So, it would be nice, if you could think of us in terms of this foundation stone, whenever you feel connected to us in this sense.

With many thanks and greetings

Kai Iruma


Warren Cohen 2011/03/20 22:54
Dear Kai, Kuniko and fellow colleagues in Japan,

I am so glad to hear of your initiative to come together in the spirit and substance of the Foundation Stone Meditation. I join you in your desire to come together in a spirit filled way in this time of multiple crises.

The events that play out on earth today have deep connection with important struggles that are now taking place in the spiritual world. Just as we turn to the spiritual world for their support and to helpf us find meaning in daily events, they too look to us to begin redeaming all that has sunk too deeply into matter. The many hierarchies of the spiritual world yearn for our attention, for our recognition for the nourishment that only humans can offer them and in return they yearn to help us connect with our higher selves, our core intentions for this incarnation and to help us navigate our difficult journeys into the physical world. This can be a relationship of tremendous mutual support. If we can only open our hearts and minds and find ways to work together in the light of the spirit.

I salute your efforts and trust that in coming together you will create new possibilities for living, working and praying into the future.

blessings on your efforts,
Warren Lee Cohen
Dariahrose 2011/03/20 23:00
I will be with you with whole my heart.

May God be with you!
Beth Currie 2011/03/21 02:43
The recent events in Japan have touched everyone in the world very deeply. We feel your pain and suffering but we also see that something new and beautiful is arising from this crisis. We are deeply moved and inspired by this new impulse that is being given to humanity. The Hope for a better different future is rising from the ashes, the possibility to have a life that is less material and more connected with what is real and true, and the love and support people are giving to their immediate community, to each other is being witnessed by many in the world. This is the picture I hold for you, for everyone and perhaps it can expand to encompass the world. The picture also includes the angelic beings who long for a connection with humanity. I will be with you at this time tomorrow meditating on the foundation stone.

Thank you for being the inspiration for the world.

My love and blessing to each and everyone of you,
Beth Currie
Los mastros de las Escuelas Waldorf de España enviamos pensamientos de esperanza y fuerza espiritual para los maestros, niños y familias de las Escuelas Waldorf de Japón.
Terry Boardman 2011/03/21 04:40
As someone who has spent 10 of his 58 years in Japan (Tokyo and Kansai), is married to a Japanese eurythmist, speaks the language and works as a translator of Japanese and has a son who has been living in Japan since 2008, as someone who regards Japan with great gratitude and fondness as his 'second home', I would like to offer my heart's good wishes to the spiritual world for the Japanese people at this critical time for their nation. I shall be happy to send my thoughts tomorrow 21 March for the Sharing Thoughts on the Foundation Stone for Japan meeting.

The second verse of the Foundation Stone meditation will be especially in my mind. For after they have grieved and done what they can to ease the pain of those who have suffered in the terrible events of 11 March and what followed, the people of Japan will now have an opportunity, to send a fiery spirit impulse throughout the world for cultural renewal. This can begin with the Japanese people turning away from what they allowed their elite to embark on back in 1970 - the nuclear power programme - and showing the world how an advanced country can create an economy and society that is powered by the life-giving energy of the Sun and of the other *living* energies that come from it (solar, wind, wave, geothermal, hydrogen), rather than the energies that result from decay, breakdown and fragmentation (fossil fuels, nuclear power).

Our family returned from Japan the second time in 1994 and since then have lived in England. When I was in Japan, I was often told "Japan has no natural resources; we must depend on oil and gas from abroad". This was the conventional 'wisdom'; it was often repeated by the media. I always felt it was untrue, for Japan is truly blessed by all the forms of living energy mentioned above, and the Japanese people only need to focus their will on developing those forms of energy. They have the education; they have the brainpower; they have the human capital. They can do it. They have not done it until now because their country (like mine) is controlled by men whose thinking is materialistic and reductionist. This leads them inevitably to want POWER - for themselves and for their country. Without nuclear power, one cannot develop nuclear weapons, and the 5 Permanent Members of the UN Security Council are all nuclear weapons powers and nuclear power states. There are those in Japan who want nuclear weapons for Japan too eventually, so they are reluctant to say "No" to nuclear power. 66 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and after this latest disaster and nuclear scare, the Japanese people are more than entitled to say to the nuclear lobby "Enough is enough! We will not go on down this path. Our nation is named after the sun. We shall not try to create an artificial sun. Instead, we shall gratefully accept what the Sun gives us and develop it in life-giving ways."

The reign of Japan's first emperor Jimmu began in in 660 BC.
1945 - 2011 is 66 years. 66 years before 1945 was 1879, the beginning of the Age of the Sun Archangel Michael. At that time, Japan was trying desperately to remain independent (to keep its own Sun shining, so to speak) and to avoid becoming a western colony. To do that, Japan used its long samurai traditions and allowed itself to be directed by the samurai military class whose habits passed over into the world of business and industry. To remain free of the western imperialists, Japan's samurai-influenced leaders decided that Japan too would have to become an imperialist nation. This led eventually to the tragedies of 1931-1945. Thus ended the first 66 years of the Age of Michael, archangel of the Sun.

For the next 66 years Japan followed the lead of the country that had unleashed on it the power of the world's first artificial sun - the USA, the country that had forced Japan to open to the world in 1853 when the black ships came. For 44 years, from 1945-1989, Japan energetically rebuilt seeking to copy the American Way, even to outstrip America in material and economic power. The American Dream is one of increasing material wealth, prosperity, consumerism, ownership, primarily for oneself and one's family. In 1989, 66 years after the great physical shock of the terrible Tokyo-Yokohama earthquake, and 44 years after the psychological shock of the defeat in war, Japan was hit by another shock when its economic bubble burst, just at the time that the Showa Emperor died. For the next 21 years Japan struggled on, unable to extricate itself from the economic doldrums it found itself in, unable to recover the economic dynamism of the period 1960-1990, but STILL, its elite tried to follow the American Way, the American Dream; despite some differences in the way Japan has always run its capitalist system, still it operates this system which is grounded in a materialistic way of looking at life, death, society and economics.

Now, 66 years after 1945, Japan has been given yet another great shock. I believe that from this shock the Japanese can awaken to a new future, one in which they should make their elite take seriously those words of Prime Minister Kan Naoto, when he said "we shall rebuild Japan from scratch". Yes, but not just the buildings! The people of Japan can start with their energy resources, first their own personal human energy resources, to restructure the energy system that underpins the economy. Change from an economy based on dead Nature (fossil fuels and nuclear power) to one based on living Nature (solar, wind, wave, geothermal, hydrogen) - one that truly harmonises with all that is best in Japanese tradition and culture. Then they can take inspiration from the threefoldness of the Foundation Stone and also from those elements within their culture that have long recognised the threefold archetype (for example, setsu-getsu-ka [snow-moon-flowers]; sho-chiku-bai [pine-bamboo-plum]) to restructure their entire society in such a way that separates out the three spheres of society (cultural life, political life, economic life) and reintegrates them in a healthy manner, so that the Ministry of Education does not restrict the nation's education system (which is supposed to nurture the nation's thinking) and the interests of the great corporations do not interfere with the nation's political life and the people's rights.

At approximately the time when the Norman invaders conquered Britain just after the first millennium, the samurai took power in Japan from the aristocrats of the Heian period. Approximately 1000 years has gone by of samurai rule in Japan (many of the great Japanese corporations were founded by ex-samurai or sons of samurai) and aristocratic rule in Britain (until the First World War).
Is it not enough?

In many ways, the two island nations of Britain and Japan at opposite ends of the vast Eurasian continent are mirror images of each other. Britain has expanded itself everywhere in the world; Japan has drawn the entire world into itself culturally. It was a single Englishman (Will Adams, or in the Japanese way, Adams Will - an interesting name!) the first Englishman in Japan in 1600 who played a big part in influencing the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and his descendents to close the country. As Japan closed to the outside in the early 17th century; England opened up and started on her imperial path.

It seems to me that amongst other things, Britain and Japan have functioned in their history as two citadels for the dissemination of materialist values in East and West. This has been a massive historical role that the two countries have played. But there are now plenty of signs that that chapter in the two countries' destinies needs to close so that new chapters can be written. Can the British and Japanese peoples persuade their power-hungry elites of this fact, this need?

Once again, my own country is currently engaged in military action in Afghanistan and Libya, enforcing its will on other much weaker nations. There seems little prospect that the British people will soon be able to change the old, power-oriented, materialistic direction in which their own elite are still heading, despite the recent economic battering and the shocking political scandals in Britain. But the Japanese know the meaning of suffering better, I feel. They know that without pain and suffering, there is no wisdom. They have now had to experience another great suffering. But it can be turned to a great benefit both for them and for the peoples of the world if they take this opportunity to close the chapter that began in 1945 (or even in the late Heian period c.1100 when the military class rose to power) and on the basis of a threefold vision of society and culture carry out a reconstruction of their society that is not only material but addresses the needs of the human soul and spirit.

Finally, I would like to remind Japanese anthroposophers of the words Rudolf Steiner wrote for the sign of Pisces (the sign under which this disaster has happened, which also happens to be the sign of our our 5th Post-Atlantean epoch):


May loss find itself in the lost,

May gain lose itself in gain,

May grasping seek itself in what is grasped

And uphold itself in upholding.

Raised up to being through growth,

Woven into growth through being.

May loss be gain for itself!

Nihon no minnasama! Ganbare! Goseiko o oinori shite imasu

Helle and Louise 2011/03/21 04:50
To our dear colleagues in Japan,
From the north country we send you our warmest thoughts and we carry you in our hearts in this very difficult time. Our hearts are heavy knowing what you are living through each day but we hope our prayers can give you strength and that through your sorrows, a new impulse can be born in your wonderful country.
We will join you from afar in your meetings on Thursday, and every day.
Helle Heckmann and Louise deForest
Copenhagen, Denmark
Eva Ujlaky 2011/03/21 05:30
Dear Friends in Japan,

We follow the news about the nature disasters in Japan with our deepest sympathy. We think a lot especially of the victims and their families. We as anthroposophists in Hungary will join you in your initiative with the Foundation Stone Meditation. We wish you from our hearts that supportive spiritual forces should be with you and in this difficult time you would find the paths of the future.

The Antropopsohical Society in Hungary
H-1026 Budapest, Riado utca 2/b
susann and bart eddy 2011/03/21 06:48
We support you with the foundation stone meditation and we will think of you and hold you in our hearts during this time.
With warmth
Susann and Bart Eddy
no_name 2011/03/21 07:35
Hello Fellow Anthroposophists in Japan,

I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning and hope that your meeting together in the spirit of Christ will bring you peace and a way forward as you search for meaning and the next steps in your destiny.

Best wishes,
Laura Cassidy
Wisconsin, USA
John Moses 2011/03/21 07:53

During Japan's water trial, may the Foundation Stone meditation take deep root and live in hearts and souls, providing inner sustenance while inviting the future to stream toward deeds done.

From tichmondwaldorf.com we send you best wishes from afar....
no_name 2011/03/21 07:59
Dear Kai Iruna,
As I can not decipher much of the beautiful language symbols I will leave a little message for you here, last Monday a week ago, I asked some of my friends on Face Book, we are a group which is called strengthening the Michael community, to take up the Foundation Stone Verse each individually with the intent to support you our friends in Japan. Today one week later I find an email-message which has been sent from a friend in England, with your thoughts, to take up the FSM from your side. I am sending you in Japan heartfelt greetings, and good work, also I am very certain that the Foundation Stone Verse will be of utmost importance, and the right way to stand upon in these difficult times.
Heartfelt greetings from around the world! For good work.
Brigitta (-Australia Sydney, and friends from the States/ Europe)
Sheila Johns 2011/03/21 08:00
Dear friends in Japan,

Thank you for creating a way for those of us surrounding your communities and nation to express our love and caring concern for your present situation. It is with gratitude and commitment that many of us here in the Washington D.C. area of the United States will be joining you in tomorrow morning's meditative work around the Foundation Stone as you seek guidance and insight into the meaning of the events of this last week for the future. This inner searching is a task for all of us we are all a part of a global community, and what effects one effects us all. So should we also regard whatever can come to us all as a result of a concerted focus on this most central of all of our anthroposophic meditations.

In loving brotherhood,

Sheila Johns
Music Faculty/President - The Lyre Association of North America
Washington Waldorf School
Bethesda, Maryland USA
Birrethe Arden Hansen 2011/03/21 08:04
Dear Japanese friends,what a wonderful idea! I shall be glad to join you in my thoughts,Denmark is far away,and I have felt so helplessly unable to do anything in your desastrous situation. All the best from a sister-in- spirit.God help you all.
Andrew Wolpert 2011/03/21 08:28
Dear Friends,

It is very good to know of your resolve to work in this way, and we are united in this and in our other strivings together in the service of Michael.

With love,
Ungár Andrea Virág 2011/03/21 08:30
Dear People!
Dear Kai Iruma!

We are thinking about you and praying.
We are live in Hungary, Piliscsaba.

Best whises: Ungár Andrea waldorf kindergarten teacher
Dr. Ross Rentea 2011/03/21 08:31
Dear Mr. Kai Iruma,
Please assure all those who you can reach that our deepest anthroposophical spiritual impulses are with the Japanese people in these trying times for your country and of course, particularly close to the Japanese anthroposophists as such.
We are three anthroposophical physicians who have been practicing as family physicians, pediatricians and Waldorf School doctors for many decades here in the USA. Seven years ago we have opened the True Botanica Company in order to produce anthroposophical nutritional supplements. We would be happy to donate one thousand bottles of one such supplement which we believe would be particularly helpful at this time. The product is called True Defense for Kids™ and it is a special immune defense formula that we have been using with great success for other related problems here in the US. It does not require a medical prescription; it is over the counter so to speak. It could be offered to the children in the japanese Waldorf schools.
Besides the obvious description offered elsewhere - as a immune strengthener of the ear, nose and throat- here is the anthroposophical thought behind it. The formula has as its foundation the use of trace minerals and pyrite (iron and sulfur) which are substances that help the Michaelic forces to combat the forces of the Dragon in the throat (Taurus) area. One aspect of the recent radioactive crisis is that during the radioactive decay iodine 131 is released which attacks the proper functioning of the thyroid, in other words the area of the “Word” and the gland(thyroid) that is suppose to give us sensitivity to the world around us. According to Rudolf Steiner disturbing the thyroid does not rob us of Will but rather makes this Will “directionless”. We make of course specific anthroposophical products at our company directly related to the thyroid gland but those are not formulas that we feel could be given to anybody without some medical guidance.
We look at the nuclear reactor catastrophe, aside from the earth quake, and tsunami, which are bad enough, as a direct attempt to further make it difficult for us all over the world to approach the Michael Forces.
Please contact us if any of this would be helpful.
info@truebotanica.com, www.truebotanica.com.
Sincerely yours,
Drs. Ross Rentea, Mark Kamsler, and Andrea Rentea
nanette catherine ford 2011/03/21 08:35
Dear Japanese Friends, of the Waldorf Community and Others,
I send my blessings inner strength and open-heartedness to you, which sounds like such a small thing to send in such a time of huge shifts for you- physical, fluid, emotional, mental, and perhaps, spiritual.
I read the letter regarding the meeting tomorrow nite in Japan, and thought of something Anne Frank said, " I do not think of all the misery, but of the glory that remains. Go outside into the firleds, nature and the sun, Go out and seek happiness in yourself and in God. Think of the beauty that again and again discharges itself within and without you, and be happy."
Mother Theresa: 'May you be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile."
With all of my love to all of you,
Nanette Ford
Kristina Kaine 2011/03/21 08:38

“We must eradicate from the soul all fear and terror of what approaches Humanity from the future.
We must acquire serenity in all feelings and sensations about the future.
We must look forward with absolute equanimity to everything that may come.
And we must think only that whatever comes is given to us by a cosmic-guidance full of wisdom.
It is part of what we must learn in this age, namely, to live out of pure trust, without any security in existence.
Trust in the ever present help of the spiritual world.
Truly, nothing else will do if our courage is not to fail us.
And let us seek the awakening from within ourselves every morning and evening.”

-Rudolf Steiner
Betsy Gimenez 2011/03/21 08:39
Dear Friends,

We will be thinking about you here in America, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our deepest sympathy for the devastation in your country.

Betsy Gimenez
Charlottesville Waldorf School
Tom Loofbourow 2011/03/21 09:08
Dear Friends,
I have held you all in my thoughts since this difficult time for you started. It takes great strength and love from all human being to endure such things.

I recieved Kai Iruma's e-mail request to work with the Foundation Stone Meditation with the intent of helping your people gain strength for the tasks at hand. It would be my honor and privledge to do so. I work with this meditation daily and for a time I will hold my thoughtrs upon all of you while I do.

Tom Loofbourow
Tacoma, Washington USA
Travis Henry 2011/03/21 09:11
Threefold Now! made some pictures of a future Japan, as a tri-sector society:

silvia jensen 2011/03/21 09:24
Dear Kai.
I was deeply touched with everything I heard and saw in the news about this tragedy in your country.
At the same day came to my hands a book by Anthony de Mello, "The way to love", and all the time he tells about attachement, how one should be free of them to be really free in life.
As your folk has lost so much in so many levels the essential is what is left. To be in contact with the higher beings and ask them for light and strength and courage to go on if this is what life wants from us now.
I am in Brazil and will be together with you in my thoughts tomorrow at 6.30 am( here)
All my best wishes
Silvia Jensen
Lori Kran 2011/03/21 09:29
Dear Fellow Waldorf/Steiner school community in Japan,
My thoughts are with you and I send strong heart-felt feelings of love and support from the Cincinnati Waldorf School, Ohio, USA.
Best, Lori Kran, grade 2 teacher and College Chairperson
Valerie 2011/03/21 09:33
I wish for ALL of you--Peace, Calm Resolve, Strength of Will, Warmth of Heart and Clarity of Thinking in this critical time...My thoughts are with you, with tremendous LOVE!!!
Valerie DuBay 2011/03/21 09:40
Dear Friends, My thoughts will be with you tomorrow and my love, from Valerie, a teacher at the local Waldorf school in Cincinnati, Ohio
John Billing 2011/03/21 10:26
Dear Friends in Japan
Today I will join you in thought (Ireland 11:30-13:30) and play music by J.S.Bach (whose birthday it is today) on my lyre.
The very best wishes for your meeting and future work.
John Billing
Margaret Thom 2011/03/21 11:04
Dear Kai, Dear Friends,

Thank you for sharing your intention and inviting us to support your endeavor. I wish you all the best and will keep your work for Anthroposophy, your community and all the Japanese people in my thoughts and prayers. May you find the strength and guidance you seek through the Foundation Stone Meditation.
no_name 2011/03/21 11:14
dear friends in japan,
i am very moved by your letter and i would like to assure you of my support and my participation of your initiative.

Dear friends in Japan,

dear friends in japan
i am very moved by your letter and i would like to assure you of my support and my participation of your initiative..
your country and your people are in my thoughts and i thank you for this moment to direct my best and deepest efforts to send you warmth, hope, courage and love to your people.
with heartfelt wishes
heidi vukovich.
toronto canada

no_name 2011/03/21 11:15
dear friends in japan
i am very moved by your letter and i would like to assure you of my support and my participation of your initiative..
your country and your people are in my thoughts and i thank you for this moment to direct my best and deepest efforts to send you warmth, hope, courage and love to your people.
with heartfelt wishes
heidi vukovich.
toronto canada
Lisa Anderson 2011/03/21 12:59
Dear Friends, I will awake early tomorrow so I may join you in meditation. My thoughts have been with you during this most difficult time. I pray that the situation will stabilize soon. Special hello to any of the Tokyo Steiner school staff that may remember our family from our brief time with you in 2004-5.

Paul, Lisa and Daniel Anderson
Vera Hoffmann 2011/03/21 17:26
Hello friends
Not knowing where else to put it (not able to read it):
our heartfelt thoughts and wishes will travel to you today during the time of your gathering.
We will find a moment in which we can share the foundation verse meditation during the time of your gathering. Over here in the Canary Islands it is the time of the main lesson.
All the best to all the japanese initiatives, friends and children.
Vera Hoffmann with my colleagues of the Escuela Libre San Miguel de La Palma
Clara 2011/03/21 18:05
Dear Kai, dear friends and colleagues in Japan,

while the world is shaking and all man made certainties tremble and fall, the consciousness for the essentials and non material foundations can rise up and appear for our spiritual eye as a phoenix from the ashes. My thoughts will join you all in this moment of bonding with others in the light of the foundation stone and across time and space I inwardly stand with you all in a circle of human warmth and love that will conquer all.
Claudia Duerrbeck 2011/03/21 18:22
Dear Japan,

your sacrifice is the whole worlds chance to rethink. We need the spiritual world to make better choices and trust. Trust and courage to make decisions away from material glamor. Perhaps Japan will be the first to bloom in this new endeavor and be an inspiration for the rest of the world.
Be embraced with my whole heart during your meeting.

Guðrún Vera Hjartardóttir 2011/03/21 18:34
Dear Kai and friends and fellow travelers in the anthroposophie

I will be with you whole hearted here in Iceland in your meditation gathering to night.

Blessing and may God be with you
Guðrún Vera
Rain M 2011/03/21 19:02
We send heart felt connection to this gathering and meditation - our hearts, minds and deeds strengthen one another in Spirit. Rain and family, for early childhood years, Raphaeli Waldorf School, Plettenberg Bay South Africa and Alliance for Childhood (South Africa).
Janni Nicol 2011/03/21 19:13
Dear Colleagues and Friends in Japan,
We are sending you our love and warm thoughts which will hopefully offer you support during your continuing struggle against the forces of nature, and the out of control force of a potential nuclear disaster. We, as the early childhood movement in the United Kingdom, are holding you all in our prayers, and offer our deepest condolences to those of you who are struggling to support the many who have crossed the threshold to the spiritual world, and to also support those children and their families who are caught up in this event. It must be difficult not to be fearful, which brings to mind the verse given by Rudolf Steiner below; I hope you find it helpful.
My love and good wishes for and to you all,
Janni Nicol
Early Childhood Representative for the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, UK.

We Must eradicate from the soul all fear and terror of what comes towards us out of the future. We must acquire serenity in all feelings and sensibilities concerning the future. We must look forward with absolute equanimity to all that may come, and we must think only that whatever comes is given to us by a world direction full of wisdom.

It is part of what we must learn in this age, namely, to live out of pure trust, without any security in existence; trust in the ever-present help of the spiritual world. Truly nothing else will do if our courage is not to fail us. Let us discipline our will, and let us seek the awakening from within ourselves, every morning and every evening.
Rudolf Steiner
Helen Macdonald 2011/03/21 19:17
I have just received your message. It is 10.16am in Scotland. I will take myself to a quiet room now and join with you spiritually.
all my very best wishes go with you.
Michael Burton, Sydney, Australia 2011/03/21 20:18
You would be doing something for the whole world to take on such an idea with the Foundation Stone Meditation. It has to take root in the hearts of humans and I believe it has been doing that since 1924. It is full of the energy of Resurrection. It is a great hope for all the world - Japan may lead the way in a recognition of this.
Bronwen Haralambous 2011/03/21 20:21
Dear Kai and fellow anthroposophists in Japan
I admire your courage and commitment. My thoughts are with you for your gathering and ongoing meditation. Best wishes and love
bernard jarman 2011/03/21 20:22
Looking forward beyond the immediate crisis I suggest that a good suppy of biodynamic manure concentrate (barrel preparation, CPP) is prepared to help decontaminate organic farmland affected by the nuclear diaster. In europe this helped after Chernobyl.
Lots of strength to you all in japan.
Alberto Llorca, Valencia 2011/03/21 20:35
We too feel close to your heart. Our thoughts are with all of you. Valencia, Spain.
heather van zyl 2011/03/21 20:53
To dear Kai and fellow colleagues in Japan,
Please know that we hold you in our prayers and meditations from across Australia. We send you special greetings of courage and strength during this eventful time. We carry you in our hearts. With love from all who work in Early Childhood in Australia. Our school on the Central Coast will hold you in their meditation on Thursday. Heather van Zyl
Travis Henry 2011/03/21 21:29
What if a new Buddhist Community sect and a Shinto Community sect were formed as sister organizations of the Christian Community, with all three as members of a inter-credal Movement for Religious Renewal?

The BC and SC would be founded on renewed, balanced ritual. Their conceptual frame would adhere to Steiner's teaching on Vishva Karman and the Sun Spirit. The BC and SC would have the practical features and qualities of the Christian Community--Goethean architecture, Lazure painted walls, friendliness to Waldorf school and other anthroposophical initiatives, gender equality, and so on. The BC and SC would be for individuals who would seek authentic renewal through Jesus' other names.
Bert and Anneke 2011/03/22 01:15
Dear people.

All our warm feelings and thoughts for you and all those who are suffering from this disaster . We hope you find the strength to find a positive view on the future. May Steiners work help to regain your strength.
Bert and Anneke

Katarina Schiebe 2011/03/22 02:45
Dear friends! I read this today but too late for your meeting. We have been thinking of the situation of Japan since last friday when everything started. It is hard to maintain a normal life when people are suffering and things are so dramatical even if it is far away. You have my thoughts and I will work with you and carry you in my heart. Katarina Schiebe Sweden
Gina 2011/03/22 03:21
I would like to thanks to everybody who has written to you, but also thanks for all the people that without words are with you, praying with you, and doing meditation. That encourages me to follow Antroposophy with my mind, heart and will, although I have so many things to learn everyday.

Maybe has come the time for all of us to come true in our hearts Rudolf Stenier's words, and follow them with our acts, thoughts and feelings.

And only add that, to change the world we first have to change ourselves, so, what can I change myself to do a better world??

Best wishes to all people of Japan, Antrophosofic or not, and to all that read this small message.


Karl Kaltenbach 2011/03/22 03:28
When I saw on TV this unspeakable tragedy unfold I did not believe the messages. Of course I was thinking of the many friends who were so kind to me on my visits in the early days of the development of the Anthroposophical impulse in your country. I was feeling in the direction of the many faces that were deeply enthusiastic about new hope emanating from the depth and certainties of Spiritual Science. It is therefore realistic that Ican uniting my self in my meditation with you, who had to experience the upheaval and uncertainty of the earth's crust, the all consuming water's powers and the penetrating deadly nuclear radiations. I trust that you are supported now all the more by spirit beings and by all friends around the world in your spirit certainty as manifested in the unshakable verses of the Foundation Stone Meditation. With love to you all.
Linda Lingane 2011/03/22 04:53
Thank you for creating this forum. Your pain is being felt around the world, but this forum brings your situation closer to a feeling of one humanity rather than a feeling of separation into many nations.

Even before your tragedy struck, I have been struggling with the question of how to slow the speed of my life and to offer a role model to other people around me. Perhaps that will be a silver lining created from this evil brought upon you: that you could show the rest of humanity what it would be like to live in a slower world that is still modern. Such a world would value love and compassion more than speed.

Again, thank you for creating this forum. God bless all your efforts.
Ellen jane Schildt 2011/03/22 05:04
Dear friends ,
May we all unite and give strenghts to the People ,the Eurth and the Spiritual world ,
that enable ,with the help of our thoughts of goodwill ,healing can take place.
Ellen jane
Molnár Ágnes 2011/03/22 05:41
Dear Japaneese collegues,
I write from Hungary, I am also a waldorf kindergarten teacher, but now I am at home with my 1 year old daugther. I am the wife of the cook-man, who made delicious foods on the IASWACE-congress of last year in Nagykovácsi. He likes japanese culture, history, he practised aikido for years. He find intersting that the familial name of people is before the baptism-name (or in english "first name") in both language: in japan and in hungarian.
My husband and me, we think of you in theese hard days. We hope that your spiritual works give force to your land. St. Michael is with You.
Best wishes, Ágnes and Csanádi József (the cook-man)
John Davidson 2011/03/22 07:07
Dear Friends,

I have thought of you often since the earthquake and tsunami. I feel it has huge consequences for the earth. Many people here in Australia are shocked and have deep concern for your well being. In our age of constant news reporting it is important to make time to reflect and pray.

Warm thoughts,
no_name 2011/03/22 07:54
Dear friends in Anthroposophy,
In my heart I always strive to work with the destiny forces that live in the spiritual world and affect our destinies here on earth. My love and thoughts are with you as you deal with the major crises facing you in Japan.
Here is the meditation from Rudolf Steiner that I carry into my sleep each night:
I carry my path into the setting sun and place all my sorrows into its radiant womb.
Transformed through love, purified through light,
May they return as helpful thoughts,
As powers for joyful deeds of sacrifice.
Warm regards,
And I wish you all the best for your gathering,
Laura Summerfield, Canberra, Australia
Caite Allam 2011/03/22 09:32
With consciouness of Anthroposophia living in my soul, I will take up the Foundation Stone with thought of Ressurrected Christ sustaining the life of man's earthly existence within the 4 Kingdoms. We stand together in this experience.
Heartfelt Love, Joe and Caite Allam
Asociación "Zoe:Para La Primera Infancia y La Mujer" 2011/03/23 05:08
In these special days,from Tenerife (Spain),we send you our love and gratitude.And these words, we work inside with them.
("Entweder haben wir Hoffnung auf unseres Inneren oder haben wir sie nicht. Es handelt sich um eine Dimension der Seele und hängt nicht davon ab, von einer bestimmten Weltbeobachtung oder einer Bewertung der Situation. Die Hoffnung ist keine Vorhersage, sondern eine Orientierung des Geistes, des Herzen. Die Hoffnung geht über die Welterfahrun hinaus und steht irgendwo jenseits von ihrem Horizont..."
Vaclar Havel, ” La paz perturbada” )

Marion and Nick Vane 2011/03/23 06:59
Dear Kai Iruma, 22nd March 2011

Thankyou so much for your letter forwarded to the Camphill community I work in. We read it out at our Anthroposophical members study group last night. It is so important to be able to do something in situations which we do not understand and when we feel helpless. We will be working with the foundation stone meditation and thinking of you during this time of trial and wish you strength and love.

Marion and Nick Vane
Jamie Taylor 2011/03/25 19:16
From us come best wishes and the hope that all will look into their hearts and overcome the troubles that are harboured there.
.......and perhaps think back to 1853 and the 4 warships commodored by Matthew Perry requesting and requiring that the Japanese should end their centuries-long isolation and join the modern world. This triggered a civil war and perhaps today is a result of the direction taken all those years ago.
Now is the opportunity for hesitation and then meditation before again acting.
We in England have our own work, but will keep you in our hearts and mind
Daniel Amadeo Zimbaldo 2011/03/29 01:22
Dear Friends in Japan,

The new readings showed ocean contamination had spread about 2 kilometers farther north of the nuclear site than before, and radioactive iodine-131 was discovered offshore at a level 1,150 times higher than normal (news of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency).

If you decide to send the children abroad, I repeat the offer that I did to Mr. Kai Iruma last week:

"I and my little family can provide you accommodation for one or two children in our house. We live in Spain, close to Madrid."

Sincerely yours,
Chari Yi 2011/04/05 02:32
Dear Friends from the Christian Community in Japan
We met many japanese friends from the Christian Community in Japan in the last International Congress in Dortmund, I was so impress for the numerous delegation that assist, since then I feel their is a connection with your community.
Listening the last news of the disaster I have think so much in all of you sending my best thoughts in this difficult moments.
Chari Yi
Darryl Philip Centers 2014/01/05 02:37
Just a note in response to the comment from Terry Boardman regarding his interpretation of what constitutes "the American Dream". While his interpretation, that it "is one of increasing material wealth, prosperity, consumerism, ownership, primarily for oneself and one's family", is certainly what the "dream" has become for the shadow America (the spiritually-fallen America), in its true essence the "dream" is that any human being, regardless of the humbleness of her or his origins, can, through hard work and patience, overcome all obstacles and achieve her/his goals in life. In this sense, there are countless examples of the realization of the American Dream, Barack Obama being an excellent recent one. The only reason I share this note is that thoughts are the most powerful forces in the universe, and to put forth the thought of the shadow version of the American Dream without its corresponding light-filled version invited a balancing.
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