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Report on March 21 meeting and Thank you!

To those who sent us messages and/or quietly meditated together with us, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your loving spiritual support. There were about 30 people (far more than I had expected) who came to join the meeting on the evening of March 21 and share the meditative time together. We began with the lyre music by Hajime Kira, who then read us Rudolf Steiner's words on the nature of prayer and the "Ergebenheitsgebet" (prayer of submission) as a necessary inner attitude to face destiny. Shozo Koshiishi, a Christian Community priest in Tokyo had given him a message for our meeting with his reflections on these words by Steiner, and this was conveyed to us. Then, Rieko Hata, an eurythmist and principal of the Waldorf School in Fujino near Tokyo, with the interesting remark that the disaster regions hit by the March 11 earthquake in their location correspond to the "heart" of Japan, led us into Hallelujah which seemed to purify the whole atmosphere of the room. We then shared the names and messages of those who had written us by then, and Sono Matsuura, a Waldorf kindergarten teacher read us the letter from Susan Weber in Japanese, because it had been specially translated and forwarded to us by Hiromi Niwa and Mina Koyama, both kindergarten teachers living in the US.

We then introduced ourselves and exchanged our thoughts, concerns and experiences. There were teachers, medical doctors, nurses, eurythmists, artists, someone from organic agriculture movements and a mother with a baby. There were real concerns about contamination of food and water, how to face children with these questions, whether or not to evacuate from the middle part of Japan, etc. It is clear that people are living under different conditions, and escape is not always possible, if they have familial or financial difficulties. The conversation brought us closer to one another, and I personally felt very much supported by this coming together itself.

Finally, Kimiko Ishikawa, the curative eurythmist invited us to exercise the Love E, as a means to create an etheric basis for the reading of the Foundation Stone Meditation. Then, on behalf of all of us, I read the verse in my own translation freshly made on that day, because I felt that I needed to be at one with all the words I spoke in Japanese.

We closed the meeting in silence. There were talks and laughter afterwards, and we parted each one of us in his or her direction.

This was a unique meeting that spontaneously emerged out of the wish to pray and meditate for the destiny of Japan. It remains to be seen, how this act of ours has been accepted by the spiritual worlds. Speaking for myself, however, I received the inner strength to consciously set new goals for my work, despite all the saddening phenomena surrounding us. I have decided and promised to the spiritual worlds that I will do everything I can to protect childhood as the basis of each individual and human society. For me, childhood is another aspect of the Christ impulse, which unites the individual with the universal. I am very, very thankful to the friends in Japan and the world, who have responded to my call with their loving thoughts and made us realize that the Foundation Stone Meditation really is our common foundation. May our endeavors both on physical and spiritual levels bear fruit for the future of this country and the humankind. Thank you.

Kai Iruma


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