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日本の友人達へ(ゲーテアヌム農業部門より)/ from Agriculutre Section at the Goetheanum

Dear friends in Japan,

after all these horrible news which have reached us from Japan, we would first of all like to express our deepest regret and sympathy for all those people who have been struck by fate in such a severe way. We very much want to let you know with this letter that our good thoughts are with you in these hard times. Also, we would like to ask you what *we* can do for the people in your surrounding area. We know, for example, that during the Tschernobyl catastrophe biodynamic preparations were applied frequently. Please let us know how we can help you and you fellow men.

With heartfelt greetings

Agriculutre Section at the Goetheanum

Therese Jung, Karin Lundsgaard, Ueli Hurter, Jean-Michel Florin, Thomas




(訳:半浦剛 / translated by Tsuyoshi Han'ura : BAAJ)


Dear friends at the Geotheanum,

Thank you very much for your heartfelt e-mail and suggestions. Since I am in Hokkaido far away from the prefectures severely struck by the earthquake and tsunami, the only thing I can say at this moment is that I would like to share your thoughts and suggestions.

I forwarded your e-mail to the members and friends of the Biodynamic Agriculture Association of Japan (BAAJ) and also sent it to the following blog site. You can add your thoughts and suggestions in the Anthroposophic Forum in Japan.


We started organizing BAAJ two years ago, and are still on our way to establish a certified national association. I know the fact that BD preparations, especially Maria Thun's recipe, were effectively applied over the radioactive polluted areas after the Tschernobyl, so soon after facing this disaster I came up with the same idea. But the fact is that there are only three BD farms in Japan which are producing BD preparations, and as far as I know, there are no BD farms in the Tohoku areas, north-eastern regions of Japan, which includes the area where the damaged Fukushima atomic power stations are located. After all we extremely lack of not only know-hows but also BD preparations themselves. I think you surely will be a great help in that respect for the Japanese people.

Thank you again for your concern and help offer.

Best regards,

Takeshi Han'ura
Biodynamic Agriculture Association of Japan



心の籠もった電子メールと多くの示唆を頂きましたことに深謝します。私は北海道在住で、今回の地震と大津波に被災した地域から遠く離れているの で、私が現時点でお伝えできることは遠く離れた友人達の思考内容と示唆を共有したいということだけです。

私は送られてきた電子メールを日本バイオダイナミック協会会員とその友人達に転送し、また以下のブログサイトにも送付致しました。そのサイトへそ の思考内容と示唆を投稿することができます。


私たちは2年前から日本バイオダイナミック協会の組織化を開始しましたが、いまだ全国組織化への途上にあります。バイオダイナミック調剤、殊にマ リア・トゥーン調合牛糞が、チェルノブイリ事故後放射能物質で汚染された地域に施用され、効果があったという事実を私は知っています。原発事故災 害に直面した時に直ぐに同じ考えが思い浮かびました。しかし日本国内にはまだバイオダイナミック調剤を作っている農場が3箇所しかなく、私の知る 範囲では被災した福島原子力発電所の所在地を含む東北地方にはバイオダイナミック農場は1つもないというのが現実です。結局のところ、バイオダイ ナミック調剤に係わる技術と知識ばかりでなく調剤そのものが私たちには不足しているのです。その意味で世界の友人達は必ずや日本の人々にとって大 きな助けになると私は思います。



半浦 剛



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