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an appendix for “Doing Hallelujah Work at 9:00.”

Hi, I am Dr. Adachi from the Japanese Physician’s Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (J-PAAM).

With a  therapudic eurythmist, Mieko Nakatani’s approval, I am passing her message which was originally written for the members of J-PAAM. I  am also attaching her answer to the question regarding the time differences from someone living in Germany. I hope that the Hallelujah work gives us strength in many ways and that the enthusiasm for the work will spread as much as possible !


The quotation below  is an appendix for  “Doing Hallelujah Work at 9:00.”

original Japanese text is here.

translated by Mina Koyama(USA)

Hallelujah is a Hebrew word.

Rudolf Steiner says that it means  “to purify us from the elements that hinder us from perceiving the higher beings. “ The subject for purification could be our inner self or a  particular place.


First, cross your arms at your chest level.

This is the time to try to create a perfect inner calmness as much as possible.


Next, do ‘Ha’;  make ‘A, ’ at about shoulder level by throwing both arms upwards just a little bit from the crossed arm position.


Then, do ‘L’ seven times. Start with small ‘L’ and gradually make it bigger.


Each ‘L’  supposedly works on each of our 7 components.


E‘ ;  make ‘E‘ by crossing both arms. It doesn’t matter if you do it at your chest level or over your head.


L’ ; This time , do the big ‘L’ for three times.


U’ ; from the lower to the upper, lift your both arms together.


Steiner says that this ‘U’ is the climax of this movement and it is a quiet filled moment of awake-fullness and  receptiveness.


J’ ;  make ‘I’ by stretching up your left arm and down your right arm.


A’ ;  make ‘A’ by stretching both arms upward.


Close the whole movement by crossing your arms at your chest level again.


Take a moment and then do the whole thing again.


I hope this explanation is sufficient for you.

(The following is the answer to the question about the time differences between Japan and Germany.)

In regards to the time, I really think it is best to do at the time which works for each group of people in each country.

I know that some people in the USA have been doing the work with us at 9:00.

I received a comment from someone living in New York that she did  the Hallelujah  work for a while after the 9.11. incident.

It is wonderful to picture that the Hallelujah works start blossoming all over the world just as the Sun goes around the earth.

The old Karma of the earthquake and the new Karma of the nuclear contamination cross each other and this is the cross in itself.

It seems to me that all of humanity is under a trial for wisdom, love and the way our souls are.

So, please join our prayer from Germany.


Mieko Nakatani


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